Founded in 2022, Miami by a group effort of accounting, bookkeeping, business consulting, software developing and business management professionals. We work with businesses of all sizes from small to large corporations. Our long term goal is to develop a series of software programs that work hand in hand with everyday business operations, automating the operations further. For business operations such as accounting, billing, human resources, and inventory. Currently available services are the gateway to our mission.


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Financial Reports
  • Monthly Financial Consultation
  • Billing
  • Payroll Processes


  • Evaluation of business operations
  • Generating custom digital processes
  • Integrating the system
  • Employees training included


  • Evaluate business operations
  • Generating custom digital automation processes
  • Integrating the system and training of the employees

    Cost Reduction

  • Scan of business operations
  • Accounts and financial reports to find the sources of financial drainage
  • Recommend improvements


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Service Details

Accounts Receivables

For businesses that provides services on credit – Radix is a good choice when it comes to accounts receivables management. The service will include keeping track of the customers and collections. Accurate data is recorded electronically, secured and stored in the cloud. Digital data clears the path to easy access and monitoring financial activities.

Accounts Payables

Management of companies short-term obligations owed to creditors and/or suppliers. This may include rent, utilities, subcontract payments and purchases. Organize vendor contact info for your business, collect and record required documentation, record transactions digitally, and store secure records in the cloud. Good relations with the vendors improves reliability and credit.


Building and sending invoices to customers and collection activities. Renovate invoice design to improve collections, gather information on internal labor, material, subcontractor payments, and generate digital invoices with easy payment options. Data recorded digitally and stored in a secure cloud file for future reference.

Human Resources

This service includes collection and storage of employment documentation according to the law, employee time tracking, calculating the pay and distributing the payments electronically. The process is recorded digitally and stored in a secure cloud file for future reference.

Financial Reports

We will generate financial reports tailored for your business in order to maximize financial awareness. This may include, but not limited to, profit and loss, balance sheet, customer credit limit, open balance report, inventory, customer history, monthly/yearly budget report, and much more depending on your business strategy and goals.

Financial Consultation

This service includes generating tailored financial reports, interpretation of the financial state of the company, and monthly consultation. This service improves company wide financial decision making with clear precise advice on the actions to take and potential results of those actions. The video recording of the meeting will be sent after the conclusion. All information stored in a secure cloud file.

Digital Administrative Office

Benefits of going digital and minimizing the use of paper are great. Not only is it aid to cost reduction from expenses such as paper, ink and internal labor hours, also provides improved storage organization, easy access, data storage security, and accuracy. Our team will study the operations of your business, generate a digital solution, introduce the solution to current employees and generate standard operating procedures and video for training purposes.

Automation – Administrative Operations

Automating operations will be achieved by a range of software programs that reduce human intervention in processes. The benefit of automation includes internal labor savings, reducing waste, savings in electricity costs, savings in material costs, and improvements to quality, accuracy, and precision. Automation will clear the path to expansion by providing digital accuracy of the data, consistency. The limit of the process will depend on cloud storage capacity rather than internal labor hours, allowing exponential expansion of the business.